2 thoughts on “Isä / My Father (2009)

  1. Hi,

    I really love the simplicity of the approach.
    To me, it makes the story more subtle and genuine.

    And concerning the drawing, just wow!
    The pen-and-ink technique truly gives a great vitality to the lines.
    Especially regarding the cat who looks really dynamic!

    In one word, GREAT!


  2. in English: You know what I´ll be doing next? / I’ll by me a grass-cutter-robot! It goes all day and all night long and it senses where the grass is growing. / Sure it is expensive! – What’s not? / One-thousand and three-hundred./ In September we’ll be going to Cyprus, / I wonder what I’ll be bringing to you? / Some piece of art … of-course. / Next month I’ll come to Helsinki. / We’ll dine well and make speeches and praise each others. / After that I’ll be heading back home again. / I travel half-price / Your fathers is a Senior Citizen now. You gotta enjoy while it lasts.

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